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“The only independent source of valuation data

relating to Australian small to medium enterprises’.


ValueMyBusiness Pty Ltd provides data on Australian Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) in the form of an EBIT multiple across 19 industries. The multiple is a benchmark of company value, for enterprises of a certain size, operating in a specific industry.


ValueMyBusiness has compiled and published the ValueMyBusiness-RMIT Index (previously known as the BizExchange Index) of SME values for every quarter since September 2006, and is the only independent source of valuation data relating to Australian SMEs.


Products and Services

The published results offer business owners and/or their agents a starting point in their quest to either sell the business, or simply to have a better understanding of what the business is worth on an-going basis.

In the event that the published benchmarks for the business are lower than anticipated or desired by the business owner, ValueMyBusiness also provides a directory of business value improvers who can assist business owners to increase the profitability and, ultimately, the value of their businesses.


ValueMyBusiness-RMIT Index Reports

• Quarterly reports can be purchased either individually, quarterly or by annual subscription.  With over 10 years of collected data, ValueMyBusiness can offer historical reports, for any quarter, from September 2006.


Industry Reports

ValueMyBusiness also publishes reports on 9 industries, providing a snapshot of the industry over the quarter, supplemented with the current range of ValueMyBusiness-RMIT Indices for that chosen industry.

In the future, ValueMyBusiness will offer a range of industry reports that will contain an increasing level of industry data and information, including the option to customise reports according to specified industry and business requirements.


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